I woke up to the sound of an electric motor pulling my bed from the sleeping pod I was in last Sunday morning. I have known about the capsule hotels in Japan many years ago and today I was looking forward to visiting traditional Japanese fishing villages. I have always been fascinated by traditional Japanese architecture and landscapes.

Well, forget the lazy weekend and the extra 10 minutes in bed. I was told by the attendant to immediately get dressed and step outside.

“But I paid good money, worth at least 2 nights’ stay!” I cried.

“Not in an MRI machine, you idiot” responded the radiologist.

There goes one of my dreams, shattered into a million bits and pieces.

I was in Cebu last weekend, and having time to spare before my flight home, I decided to get lost. Cebu City is one place I don’t bother with directions as long as there’s enough cab fare in the wallet.  And so I started walking.

a man reading newspaper on the steps of a graffiti riddled porch

I can’t make heads nor tails of the writings on the wall.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with not going to church on Sundays.

chopper bike on the streets of Cebu

Sometimes I wonder why people like riding choppers with ridiculous configurations.  I’ve seen choppers with handlebars higher than the driver’s head, which makes me think the designer was thinking about chimpanzees riding bikes.

One thing I’ve noticed that is common with chopper riders is they all wear sleeveless shirts/vests, and I know the reason why.  With the way their arms are stretched out, they might as well enjoy the wind in their hair.

This biker, though, is going nowhere.  Even with his sleeveless shirt, he won’t be catching any wind in his hair.

Most cities in the Philippines, big or small, have a lot in common.  Craftsmen like these can also be found here in Tacloban.  I’ve featured Mang Narding in this blog in March last year.  He does the same thing – sharpen nippers for manicurists.

Even their methods are similar, testing the sharpness of their handiwork by cutting the skin on their hands.  Somebody wanting to erase their fingerprints might be of help to these guys.  And maybe somebody who is heading to the gym to ride the stationary bike could instead ride this bike.

Newspaper boys used to ride bikes in the past.  That’s probably why news travel so fast.  Nowadays paperboys just sit in a stool, under the shade, trying to stay cool.

Their hair was screaming too loud so I had to mute the colors.  Showoffs.

Surprisingly I found the photos equally interesting in color.  Maybe I should visit my photo collection and see how they’d look in color.

(click on any photo below to view in full size, and use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the gallery).

These photos were taken at Colon, Cebu, hence the colon on the title.


23 thoughts on “:

    • I agree, color is much more difficult to shoot. I’ll probably transition to color, eventually. At present I’m still struggling to get the colors right. I do not want to spend too much time on post processing, which is the case with color images. Thanks for the feedback.

  1. funny! nice takes! interesting narration! thank you Mr. Uy. I wish no one to check into an MRI machine. I hope results are favorable.

    • the results were the same as that taken 2 years ago. That’s the good news. As long as I’m still standing and walking, I guess I’m ok. This exercise does help a bit. 🙂

  2. Your blog posts are so interesting, and you capture such great shots – they really make me smile, and think! For me, I like how black & white unifies a collection, and think it’s perfect for street photography. Thanks for sharing your work!

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