inside the shopping center

After the past week’s road trip, I’m beginning to miss the idyllic countryside.  It looks like I’ll be making many more trips to the rural towns before the end of the year.

I was out walking along the downtown streets but really didn’t see anything interesting and so I decided to enter the dark passages of the Tacloban City shopping center.  Inside was Dory’s Dress Shop.  They’ve just relocated recently into a stall that’s out of sight from most pedestrians.  Most of the shops in here are only frequented by regulars who know the owners personally.

pegasus stitching machine

Just by looking at the sewing and stitching machines one could make a good guess at the number of years this dress shop has been in existence.

This sewing machine would be about my age.  I haven’t seen any new sewing machines, or maybe I was just in the wrong part of town, but I enjoy seeing things that are from the past.  These things might not be around in the next decade, or they just might survive.


Dory has been a dressmaker for over 30 years, and she started when she was in her teens.  I’m 10 years over 30 and that’s a fact but it would be very rude to ask her age.

a technician's desk behind the optometrist's shop

Just outside Dory’s dress shop is this lens fitter’s work table.  This must be my lucky day.

a lens technician grinding a piece of lens for a new eyeglass frame

By the looks of it, this must be the daily grind.

cleaning the finished eyeglass for the customer

This guy started out as an apprentice 8 years ago and now he is the main technician.  He is only 27.  I think he has a clear vision of where he wants to be in the near future.


13 thoughts on “inside the shopping center

  1. This isn’t just in response to this one entry… I recently discovered your blog and I have to say that you’re doing a fabulous job! I really enjoy everything you post, keep up the good work, you’re definitely among my favorites!

  2. The DOF and angle of the first shot highlight a main character of this story. The second shot reminds me of one of those bobbing birds you see on home bars – I love it’s neckerchief.

  3. Another series of wonderful images. I love the limited dof in the first two. You really inspire me to do more bw work. But the pun for the last image, hmmmm, not so much. (cute though)

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