nuts with coco wine

Welcome to Leyte, home of the best tasting tuba (coconut wine).  There are already many articles written about the process of making tuba, and so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves this time.

This is a typical rural scene, with lots of tress and farmlands.  I’m taking a break from black and white to do justice to the beautiful landscape all around.

blog note:

Last May 2011, I’ve featured the market end of the coconut wine industry:  Tuba ni Tasing


13 thoughts on “nuts with coco wine

  1. Lovely lovely photos! Love them! Reminds me of childhood memories… I would always see someone climbing the coconut trees from our window. I only knew they were making/brewing tuba. Growing up with coconut trees in the yard made me paranoid whenever the tree makes a tiny sound while I was walking or standing below it because a buko or a heavy branch might just fall and hit me! :))

    • I’m glad this brought back nostalgia. I have yet to experience living in the country side. I can only imagine what life is like, but from what I see, it is very laid back and stress free.

  2. Great set of pictures as always – Love the last one it makes a really good end to the post!

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