an open door and dirty windows

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for visiting my photo blog and leaving wonderful comments.  It was a very big surprise for me to wake up to over a hundred notifications waiting in my mailbox.  It was overwhelming.  Getting featured on Freshly Pressed was totally unexpected, and I’m very grateful.  Again, a big thank you to everyone!

Today is Father’s Day.  It’s nothing really different from any other Sunday, except for the tons of greetings from friends and family.  I love my weekends and Sundays have always been my day off.  Except when I have to clean the bathroom, do the laundry, iron the clothes and buy groceries… and all of these happen only during Sundays.  So, happy father’s day to all fathers out there.  Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your day off.  Tomorrow, the same pile of clothes will be needing your attention.

writings on dusty jalousies

It has been a very quiet day.  I’ve circled the city streets twice and walked a few blocks but didn’t see anything really interesting.  I guess it’s time to visit some other nearby towns in the coming weeks.  One last circle around the block before calling it a day and this is what saw.  Somebody is indeed taking the day off.

a little girl standing by the door

I’m back at the warehouses by the port area.  It’s one of the places I find very appealing, maybe because not much has changed since the past decade.  The street is nearly empty on Sundays, and I like it that way.


8 thoughts on “an open door and dirty windows

  1. Happy Father’s day to you ! well expressed thoughts. See you in the next following Sundays. if you are doing your “domestic chores” 🙂

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