give us our daily water

Nothing much has changed, except for the growing need for water as the population increases out of proportion.

children wait in line for their turn to fill their water canisters at the faucet

Water is free from this faucet.  Everybody just have to wait in line under the blistering sun.

a man makes a living by selling water at a local neighborhood

This is the local set up.  Some residents have water, others have none.  A jug of water costs P5.00, no delivery.

a lone boy walking alone with 2 empty jugs to fill

Every day is like this.  It’s a long walk.


14 thoughts on “give us our daily water

  1. I admire your talent as a photographer. The people in your pictures seem very natural and this shows they completely accept you as a photographer…this is important as many people make the mistake of being too aggressive in their way of capturing light.

    Have you ever tried (seeing your talent, I think you probably have) color photography or different kinds of settings/after-effects? Most of you photos are quite violently contrasted and I have to admit some are blinding to look at… and it unfortunately makes all your pictures look similar !

    (this comment seems very critical, but it’s just I don’t compliment easily, I prefer constructive criticism XD)

    • thanks for the feedback, Matt. I do appreciate your honestly and good intention. I have tried color, but aside from being partially color blind to light tints of red and green (which doesn’t go well with skintones), most of the background colors don’t complement the subject. I have also considered duplicating the photos in color but post processing will eat up too much of my time, and is very subjective.

  2. Dear Orlando,
    Your photography is nothing short of gorgeous and raw and real.
    Thank you so much.
    I hope you wouldn’t mind me sharing on my blog someday. I’d love to lead others your way:)

  3. i’ve seen this scene albeit a different part of the city and to think that was over six years ago working in some urban poor areas ..what is sad is that they are spending more for water (rather expensive) if you count by what they are paying by the gallons not to mention the tedious process…tsk tsk water is as much as a basic need…nice photos..good story… keep it coming.

  4. I agree with Frank Urquhart, he said it well. Thank you for the passion you have to raise awareness of some parts of our society. Well told and documented. thanks!

  5. Must say you manage to capture the ‘essence’ of everyday life in the Philippines. You just need to Google images of Tacloban City to see the glitz and glamour which does not do justice to ‘real’ everyday life which you manage to capture. I am continuously impressed with your images.

      • No way Orlando. Reality is not negative. The thing is people live in reality and they learn to cope with what life throws at them. Your photos show a side that is seldom seen because it is not Chic, but it is all the better for it. Photography is about people and your subjects are fantastic because they are real. Once again fantastic!

      • Frank, thanks for the positive reinforcement. There are times when I question myself why I do this, but then I realize that chatting with them and knowingly acknowledging their existence matters a lot already.

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