Signage making is a cottage industry, and there’s one at almost every corner.  It’s common practice for vehicle owners, especially those coming from rural towns, to have their names painted on the front and sides of the vehicle, much like painting names on newly acquired boats.

I’ve heard of Oming sometime last year; he is one of the most sought after man for the job.  It so happened that I was passing along Anibong (again) on my way back to the office from a client visit when I saw somebody setting up a signboard with his name on the street.  I hesitated, drove for another hundred meters before deciding to make a u-turn.  I am glad that I always make it a point to bring my camera wherever I go because I’ve passed this place on all the weekends I’ve been shooting here at Anibong and I haven’t seen him work on weekends.

I already knew what to expect, and that is the reason why I am always on the lookout.


It is ironic that the person assisting him has a complete pair of hands, whereas the artist doesn’t doesn’t have one on the right side.

…and has only a thumb on a partially developed limb.  It would have been foolish to treat him differently; this man is full of confidence and is good at what he does.  Pity is for the healthy person with both hands intact but who is always finding excuses whenever he is given simple things to do.  This man deserves admiration.

That’s the vehicle owner on the right.  His new acquisition, albeit a second hand one, is a testament that he has proven his detractors wrong.  But that is another story altogether.  I have to head back to the office before I am missed.


22 thoughts on “Oming

  1. You have such wonderful photographs sir! Thumbs up! I salute you for taking that much photos everytime you travel. You get a piece of every good memories that you’ll pass by in the streets here in the Philippines.

    God bless you! Kudos!

  2. This is a testament that if you set your mind to do things there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Barriers are only in our minds.

  3. superb storytelling! gosh i highly recommend this for a read 🙂 trully inspiring… pwede ko kaya i share?

  4. what a story, your’re right, hats off to Oming! such a God-given talent ! thank you for featuring him. an excellent story telling. he is special.

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