DPS and halo-halo

I was pretty much excited when Valerie Jardin sent me an email saying that my interview will be published in Digital Photography School on May 3.   Digital Photography School or DPS is one of my most visited site when I was starting out in photography, and I still visit the site frequently for new updates and tips.  Getting featured on DPS wasn’t even on the radar when I started this blog, and I am really thankful for this opportunity.  Thank you, Valerie, thank you DPS and thanks to all friends and visitors of this site.  You’re all wonderful!

I’m still feeling euphoric, but the weather is very hot and humid.  If one were ask around about how to deal with the heat, I’d say that halo-halo would probably be on top of the list.

jackfruit, red beans, pearl tapioca, gelatin, evaporated milk, sugar and ice

For those who are not familiar, halo-halo is basically a mix of red beans, banana, jackfruit, tapioca, nata de coco, sugar palm (kaong), evaporated milk, purple yam (ube), sugar and shaved ice.  A special serving comes with ice cream and corn flakes.  Depending on budget and availability, some of the ingredients may be left out.

ice shavings for a cold fix

Surprisingly, I’ve never grown tired of halo-halo.  I still remember having halo-halo at my uncle’s refreshment parlor, and when they’re out of ingredients, I’d order mongo con yelo instead.  It’s a stripped down version of halo-halo with only shaved ice, red beans, milk and sugar.  I was a kid back then and anything cold and had lots and lots of sugar is always delicious.

adding milk to ice, fruits, red beans and tapioca

One thing about home made halo-halo is that you can have a big cup, or a small cup, or even bring your own cup.  Did Starbucks copy the concept?

halo-halo by the sidewalk

This lady making the halo-halo ran away as soon as she saw me with the camera.  Most ladies here would shy away from being photographed.  I figured she had to serve her customer so I waited for her to come back and complete the order before the ice melts.  I left a smile on her face when I walked away.

Please check out Valerie Jardin’s site at http://valeriejardin.wordpress.com.


5 thoughts on “DPS and halo-halo

  1. Sir, orlando… Truly, your black and white or what i call “Negative Film” style of Photography is very excellent. Always take care my friend from taking photos along the street.

  2. I share your excitement and gratitude to Valerie. She is awesome and really saw the potential in you and saw how good you were. Keep up the good work.
    I would love to share some “halo-halo “with you when I come back to visit;))) been a while since I had an authentic one. thank you once again.

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