Sunday people

I’ve been away for a couple of weekends and now that I’m back home, it feels good to be shooting in familiar territory.  What’s nice about home is that there’s no urge to rush to cover a lot of ground; there’s always enough time for an occasional chat and a leisurely walk.

Sundays are never busy days.  The streets are mostly clear of traffic and shops are closed except for some.  The busiest places on any given Sunday are places of worship and malls.  I was in a mall in Cebu last Sunday and I took some photos of cosplayers.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that it’s not fun.  Taking photographs of people in malls is like shooting fish in a barrel as far as I am concerned.  It’s not easy, mind you, as there’s not much personal space and people react differently, and then there’s always the mall security to deal with.  Never mind that.  I’ll stick to walking the streets and meeting people doing their daily stuff.  It’s a lot more interesting, and maybe in a few decades there won’t be anything left but malls everywhere.

man resting by the door of his sari-sari store

I’d really love to have a can of Coca-Cola right now.  We’re in the middle of a scorching summer wherein sitting doing nothing will still cause a lot of sweating.

at a waiting shed

I could sit in this waiting shed for a few hours and not be bored.  I think I should do a photo documentary about this place.

Rain on a hot summer day?  You bet.  We’ve been having rains many summers now.

sidewalk vendor selling bananas

Vendors on the sidewalks is a very common sight.  There was a time when we could ride our bikes on the sidewalk.  Those were the days.

two men having refreshments

One of the reasons why I stick to black and white.  Those posters are very colorful but very distracting.  And they’re everywhere.

man shoveling copra

Copra.  Our main export.  These are dried coconut meat baked on sidewalks under the sweltering sun.  Economic activities in this region are greatly affected by the price of copra.  As for the living conditions, politicians have always made sure that every citizen will have a shirt on their backs.  Literally, that is.

a bike and a stroller in an alley

An alley for a backyard.. or  a front yard.

This is how things were before computers, gameboys, playstations, mobile phones and gadgets.  This is where healthy friendships begin – human contact, live!

a boy testing out his new bicycle

When was the first time you got your own new bike?


Finally found time to use my Canon 450D again.  It’s been sitting in the dry box for weeks.  While the EF-S 17-55 is not as wide as the Lumix LX5, it wakes up faster from sleep and is a lot faster on the  focus.  It also intimidates little kids like the one on the above photo – he was smiling with glee until he saw me with a big camera in front of his face.


7 thoughts on “Sunday people

  1. Hi, i visited your blog because featured you in one of his post. I also have scanned some of your post photos and it was good. I also have this blog to ask some advice in taking some photos. I have this problem of always changing the camera settings that always bother me. i have this x500 GE camera and i would like to make use of its capability and also my talent in using it. would you mind sharing with me some ideas on how to take photos? thanks.

    please do contact me here thanks.

    here is my background info

    Thank you!

  2. love every frame, nicely done, I can sense the real you on those. love the “copra thing”, I could smell them, I remember clearly, and thought my favorite quote of all times, “magluluget pa man”, bless the children and the simple things that make them happy. thanks Orlando.

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