turtle beach

It’s been weeks since I’ve really gone out to do some photography on human interest.  Aside from spending 3 weekends with the family, I guess I needed a break from shooting people.

baby turtles heading towards the ocean
It’s really nice to try other things once in a while, like releasing baby turtles back to the ocean….

silhouette of a boat in the sunset

….or enjoying a beautiful sunset by the beach.

camera notes:

For this trip I only brought my Panasonic Lumix LX5.  It doesn’t need a separate bag, and is quite easy to hand it to anyone to take photos of me.  Point and shoot is what it really is, and it didn’t require a lot of fumbling with the camera settings.  Knowing what to do with a camera really helped a lot, thanks to spending countless hours learning the ropes.  I shot mostly in Aperture Priority mode and made adjustments on the exposure compensation as needed and nothing more.  I guess I am past that stage of needing to carry a big DSLR all the time, not that I won’t be using my aging EOS450D, but I will be bringing it less often when traveling.  And then I laugh at myself for realizing only now that I could have saved myself a lot of back ache the big camera has been giving me.


3 thoughts on “turtle beach

  1. that is a beautiful sunset! and those turtles, I am glad they are being released back to the ocean. congratulations on your new toy, though it is more on the photographer:)) once again a very special set. thank you.

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