under the great big sky

man lying on park bench under cloudy skies sending sms

Last Sunday was spent photographing my daughter’s first hand ball tournament and teaching my son to drive the car.  I’ll be getting a good dose of adrenalin rush a few more weeks before my son starts to learn how to properly drive a car.  It was also the first weekend with a recent purchase, a Panasonic Lumix LX5, which will primarily be used for personal stuff, and one I will have with me wherever I go.  I have lots and lots of photos of everyday people, but only a few of everyday family photos.  I should be able to get candid shots with this at home, unlike the big camera which sends everybody running.

So I’ve decided to take this new toy for a spin.  The image quality is not something to write home about, but this was taken after sunset, and I like the dynamic range it captures compared to my aging 450D.  Knowing now what to expect from this shooter, I better remind myself to be out earlier when the light is still favorable.


9 thoughts on “under the great big sky

  1. I was just introduced to your work and am already a big fan!
    You probably know this , but the photos look stunning on an iPhone 4 screen.

    • thanks and yes, I love this camera already. I should have far less regrets for not having a camera with me from now on, and this takes the pressure off of having to really make a schedule for a photo walk.

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