Sunday drive

For the past two weeks I’ve been wanting to shoot some sunrise photos.  Last week, I woke up late and the sky was gloomy.  Today, cloudy skies but still no beautiful sunrise.  The place where I was supposed to shoot was fenced, and a little accident at the narrow street just spoiled the mood.  I guess I wasn’t really prepared.  There’ll be some other time, I’m sure.  So it’s back to taking photos of people doing their thing on the streets.

children playing a game using bottle caps


street boys forming a human pyramid


coin operated video game


a man playing the guitar by the sidewalk


hot bread for breakfast early in the morning


girl operating a water pump with a broken handle


a friendly game of chess along the highway


an old man and his solo barber chair


I’ve spent the last 3 weekends driving around and looking for people to photograph.  Once again I have been driving too fast and missed a scene of a small boy wearing blue rubber boots sitting on a bench outside a small store by the roadside.  I stopped at a distance and walked back only to find him gone.  Last week it was a small shed with a lady sitting there and a bicycle parked in front of it.  I spun the car around but the subject jumped out and didn’t want to be photographed.  I should have shot the scene from the car window.  I’ll have to remember that whenever a great scene presents itself while I’m driving, first check the rear view mirror if anyone is following close, and then slam the brakes if it’s clear.


5 thoughts on “Sunday drive

  1. ” Bless the beasts and the children”, and the people around them. Clean shots and clear narration perfected with a sense of humor. Good shots once again. Thank you, for sharing.

  2. Good rule Orly! Better be safe than sorry. Beautiful pics! You should have an art exhibition to raise money for Charity.

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