High Noon

clothes hung outdoors to dry under the sun

Finally the weather was bright and sunny.  I’ve decided to take a walk today after I found out that the car is making the scenery so blurry.

man sitting on the sidewalk

Once again I returned to this place just to check if the kids are back, but still no luck.  Same place, different set up.  It was almost noon and I was sort of pressed for time.  Looking at this photo now, I wish I took a couple of steps to the left, framed the man between the doors, crouched lower and waited for him to look at the camera.  Next time I should remember to take time composing the shot properly even if it means being late for lunch.  We all will get an earful for being late anyway, whether it be a minute late or an hour late.  Lesson learned.

man walking down the street wearing cowboy hat and boxers

As for this one, I was faster on the draw.  I shot as soon as I saw him; I didn’t even give him time to put on his pants.  My version of High Noon.


I found the mailman!  He used to bring me my mail, and my bills too.  He is retired now.  I got confused… was it “shoot the messenger” or “Don’t shoot the messenger”?  I guess it’s too late for that now.  I already shot him.

lady reading newspaper on the sidewalk

Spycraft is getting shoddy lately.

man walking his bike with a 100 peso bill stuck in his mouth

This guy certainly knows how to put his money where his mouth is.  Can’t argue with this.

posing with bald mannequins on the show window

Nice.  Some kindred spirits.


7 thoughts on “High Noon

  1. Orly love the the minimal background! I cant get over your rain shot on the boat .It brings more to the pic!

    I also love the reflection on the glass on your last frame.

  2. Once again you made my day! you are such a brilliant and funny story teller.These shots are just incredible. I guess I just have to put my “money in my mouth”- this one cracked me up really. I just hope no one heard me for they might think I was losing it. hahaha. I see a beautiful self image on the last frame. That could be a brilliant entry to the contest :))) such a “kindred spirit.” thank you.

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