Sunday, rainy Sunday

two men walking in the rain, one pushing a motorbike as seen through a rain spattered windshield

I am beginning to like shooting through the windshield on a rainy day.  One of these days I will have to drive through a sidewalk.  For now, this will do.  I didn’t have time to grab my jacket and tie my hat to my camera as it was raining really hard, so here it is, shot through a rain-spattered windshield.

boy working a water pump

One thing about rain is that pictures are few and far between.  There aren’t many people outside.  I had to drive around to cover a lot of ground, and most of the time when I find parking space and am ready to shoot, the scene has changed.

lady laughing hysterically alighting from a tricycle

I missed the joke, but this lady was in a fit of laughter.  I’ve been through this place many times, and yet there is something different every time.   This is where I go as last resort.

jeepney between men with umbrellas

father and son on a boat


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