This is one of the reasons why I love the rain.

It was the summer of 2009 and we’ve been having rains that filled the streets with cats and dogs.  Sunday mornings way back then were usually spent at the golf course whacking the hell out of tiny dimpled balls and relocating turf ten feet at a time.  On this particular day, I would have finished 18 holes if I had a canoe.  Turns out a canoe could be had, but nobody brought a paddle.  Can you imagine a foursome in one flight, each with a bag with room for 14 clubs and NOT ONE SINGLE PADDLE???

Well, I did have a brand spanking new camera then with lenses that reached as far as the moon, and so my son Orrin and I hopped into the car and went out for some drive-by shooting.  We shot water buffaloes (carabao, as they are called here) and egrets but eventually got bored even after resorting to taking potshots at them.  Time to wrap up the safari hunt and head home.  And then we came upon this scene.

I can still hear their screams of delight as each speeding car splashed water on them.  They were having a great time, and I was happy to be witness to everything.  Best of all, I took photos.  I have returned to this place many times, especially when it’s raining.  I don’t think this scene will ever be happening again but if I come across something like this tomorrow, I sure wouldn’t mind getting soaked.

Now, you might be asking why I am posting an old photo here.  Well, I feel that my favorite photo should have a spot here and it looks like rain again tomorrow; I just might get lucky.


10 thoughts on “favorite

  1. Worth saving! another great opportunity captured! I guess the line; “rain, rain, go away. come again another day” might still work.” :)))

  2. nice shots again. hey, your love the rain? they say , it always rain here in Seattle ( not really ) maybe you should visit Seattle and takes as many shots you want. anyway i like your classical black and white photos. ( just like being there again — home )

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