after the rain

I was in too much of a hurry last Sunday when I passed by this place.  There were two kids sitting on the bench staring blankly at the rain and when I returned they were gone.  I came back in the afternoon but no luck.  Monday arrived, and this is what I saw.  Ever since that Sunday afternoon I’ve been coming back to see if the kids will be back to where I last saw them.  I will most definitely come back again.


9 thoughts on “after the rain

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  2. Very true, we should not let a good opportunity pass by. Those kids much have touched the softest part of your heart. Nice shot and story once again.

  3. some time we only got one chance to take good picture, or spend lot of time, watching the scene for ideal photo subject or composition. yes, we spend time after time, going back to the same spot maybe the same time of the day. but turn out not the one shot that we would like to take. imagine driving to those mountain side, hoping to have nice foreground and back ground , but turn bad weather or foggy. yes, if the scenery was perfect that moment , slow down, stop and took that scenic photo, next time might not be the same. bottom line — Orlando ! still professional shot. i like the reflection on the ground, specially after the rain have stop.

    • yes, I have been through all of that. I am always on the lookout for kids playing in the rain, similar to my favorite photo taken in 2009 when my camera was still new. Will write about that picture in my next post. Thanks for dropping by.

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