aimless wandering

It’s been raining most of today, but I’m not complaining. I didn’t miss a good sunrise.

I find myself walking the same streets and seeing the same scenes, and for the past 2 afternoons of walking, I have very little to show. Truth of the matter is that I’ve been browsing through beautiful photographs of masters both past and present, and I find myself still a long way from reaching their level. Comparing their work with mine, I have so far been just taking snapshots, and so this year I am setting a goal to have at least one photo that I would want to hang in my living room.


Unlike the streets of Paris or colorful India, most of what I see here is a cacophony of posters in garish colors screaming for attention and, more sadly, poverty. Filtering out the visual clutter will be the biggest challenge.

Children are interesting subjects. I missed a photo worthy shot this morning while driving along the streets. Sometimes I wish someone would just drive me around and allow me to hop in and out of the car anytime I see something I’d like to photograph.

But, it is always best to just take a walk. That is why it is called a photo walk. Nobody has yet coined the word “photo drive”. Maybe when somebody volunteers to drive me around, I can get to enjoy some drive-by shooting.

Technical notes:
I’m back to using my 17-55mm lens for this set. The 24mm just isn’t wide enough, but should be fine on a full frame camera body. Wide lens to get in close to the subject while still taking in the environment and at the same time reducing foreground clutter including people walking into the frame.


11 thoughts on “aimless wandering

  1. i also like you technical note: keep us the good work, master orlando . maybe one day, i will drive the car and you takes pictures! eh ! have a nice day.

  2. I would be proud to hang one of your pictures on my wall, like the first one on this post for example. You shoot from your heart with a very distinctive style, not many photographers ever achieve that.

    • I am very honored, Valerie. I look to your works for ideas and inspiration, on top of the admiration at how you manage to keep your composition simple and clutter-free.

  3. Let the “masters” be your inspiration, you will get there in no time at all. Your pictures tell a story with relevance to what you are driving for– social consciousness, and you are doing an excellent job. You’ve taken great shots before, and they are all worthy of being hung in everyone’s living room. Keep going, stick to what you are aiming for, and we will be watching.
    I love this set.

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