that shop by the corner

It’s another weekend, another opportunity to stretch my leg muscles and aggravate my back pain.  I’ve finally stepped into the shop by the corner, a shop which has been around even  before I was in diapers.  There is not one single signboard of the store’s name in sight, none that I can recall, but it is known to everybody as Salong’s.

This door is testament to the many seasons it has endured.

The jars look familiar, I’ve seen them before.  I’ve learned today that these jars are over 50 years old, maybe 60.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played with marbles, and now I know where to find replacements should I lose my marbles.

Safety pins.  They come in many sizes.

I sure haven’t seen any chewing gum dispenser before…

Tin versus plastic… the vintage looking one does show more character.

Over the counter medicine, but don’t break the glass in case of an emergency headache.  Some of them are much older than you or I.

Jacinto Quing, proprietor and friend who enjoys basketball and is a fan of basketball’s biggest 3 – Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan.  I’ll take the liberty to add Dr. J to the list and name them the fantastic four.

We spent a good hour talking about politics, the internet (yes, he is connected), basketball, Conrado de Quiros, and the big post outside his shop holding the 89-second stop light.  It was a Sunday morning well spent.


5 thoughts on “that shop by the corner

  1. I asked you and Nestor about the camera setting since I have just been reading a new photo magazine–c”t Digital Photography a quarterly foto magazine.. One of the article which really interested me(even if the mag was rather expensive– $14.99) was an In-depth Workshop—Digital Black and White Photography. It also recommended to shoot in RAW and in full color.. and do the BW conversion later in PS.. or some other foto software.. I like the magazine since it came with a DVD which includes a full version of “The Art of Black and White Photography”. Keep shooting Orlan..

  2. Very nice fotos.. I am jsut curious.. wherer is this store? Some of the displays are familiar.. last time I was in Tacloban was in 1992..and if Jacinto Quing is in Tacloban..he doe look familiar… maybe I am qwrong.. since we maybe of the same age.. Just curious too-I asked Nestor D the same question earlier.. When you ddecide to take BW iimages.. do you set your camera to take BW images or do you do it after using PS or some other photo softwares…?? I always do my BW images via PS.. I am now using PS Elements 10 since it is much simpler to use than a full PS software…

    • thank you, mano Edgar. this is the store at the corner of Paterno St and Imelda Avenue, across DWU.

      I’ve been shooting RAW lately as recommended by a friend. Photos are all in color; I convert them to b/w in Lightroom.

  3. You are a very entertaining story teller. Laughing my heart out :)))) Pictures are just wonderful.!! Will be looking at them a hundred times more, if I want to make my day. Keep it coming, 2012 is really starting on the right foot, and left foot too:)))) ( I have to keep my guards up, because I know you will strike back , hahaha )

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