first Sunday walk


Last weekend found me in Cebu City. On the way to the new hotel we were booked in, we passed by a very busy intersection and was glad that it was just around the corner of the hotel. I was looking forward to doing my first photo walk of the year.


Being used to busy markets back home, I was surprised that things went by really slow in this area that Sunday morning. I became apprehensive about spending the morning walking and coming home empty handed when I walked around the first street corner. Having no expectations whatsoever is a mindset one should have when shooting streets, otherwise this will easily become a very frustrating activity.


While Cebu is a very big city compared to my home town, it is very far from having the “ideal” scene for photography on a weekend. There are small densely populated areas separated by large areas of commercial and industrial spaces. If I really wanted to fill up my memory card full of photos, I’d be walking the whole day. The weekday scene could be very different, though, as I’ve passed this area many times in my previous trips.


Half an hour and 4 photos later, I decided to head back to the hotel and catch up on sleep. No expectations, as always.


6 thoughts on “first Sunday walk

  1. Hi Orlando twas good to bond with you and James last sunday and hoping to see you guys soon………….., soon that I don’t know;o)
    Anyway I am looking forward to walk with you, taking pictures next time you come to Cebu Ormoc , where ever., when
    time permits.
    Hope all is well with you and family, hello to all members of RC TACLOBAN , our first Sister Club.
    Tita Mila

  2. nice one…i would have love to see Colon Street for your photowalk (next time maybe hehe) …i want to see how it look like now from an artist perspective… God bless you with more photo shoot opportunities for 2012.

  3. Not bad for a photo walk break. You still came up with good shots. You really see places where tourists “fear to tread”. Thank you once again.

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