back to street photography

It’s back to the streets with no goal, no story, and no pressure.  I’m back to where I started and it is quite liberating to just go around and see the sights even if it is for the thousandth time.

The sky was overcast with a bit of light rain, but the news was very gloomy.  Typhoon has struck Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City, as well as other parts of Mindanao.  Tacloban has been spared, thankfully, but there is no reason to celebrate as the damage and toll on lives are high.  I would like to take the liberty to appeal for help for the victims of this tragedy, especially during this season of joy, giving and sharing.  The Philippine National Red Cross is accepting donations through SMS and bank transfer, and forgoing one cup of latte won’t hurt the wallet that much.  Thank you very much for your generosity.

… and life will go on….
2011 years and counting.  I hope and pray that the meaning of Christmas does not get lost in commercialism in the years to come.

This way to San Antonio.  Fare is only P10 per passenger, or roughly a quarter of a dollar.  San Antonio, Basey, that is.  I don’t think Texas is anywhere close to open water.

A little respite from the chaos, literally and photographically.  This is the same location of my photo walk on January 1.  This might be my last photo walk for the year, or maybe not.

If only it were Rihanna selling those umbrellas, some people probably wouldn’t mind if it’s raining more than ever.

Texting with two hands, with one hand, and the no-look texting.

bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Where there’s smoke, there’s a smoker.  Nobody ever died from smoking, only from the complications.

I should be shooting more pictures like this – a minimalist approach to street photography, and a wider frame to include the environment.


5 thoughts on “back to street photography

  1. thank you all for the support. It’s been a good year and hoping for a better one in 2012 for all of us. Should this be the last entry for the year, then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  2. nice set, another brilliant work..i love what the picture captures and the caption that goes with it…more street photo shoot for 2012 i hope 🙂

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