shooting strangers again

Well, I didn’t spend the Sunday just chasing headlines.  There were still a lot of interesting things happening around the streets, and in all honesty, it took me a while to pull out my camera and start shooting.  I felt like a greenhorn going out for a photo walk again for the first time.  Now I understand why a lot of people want to have company when doing street shoots.  Me, I still prefer going solo but wouldn’t mind having company after the photo walk.

It was still early, and looking at the last 3 slices of cake, I’d say her sales figures are doing fine and I’ll skip  talk about other figures.  We were both looking at fried duck eggs that were dyed orange.  Interesting, but I’m not having any.  I’ve got a breakfast date with a very lovely and wonderful lady.

I have no idea why he has to have the umbrella stand between both arms.  It’s probably a trade secret.

Very rarely do I get thanked for taking someone’s photo, and this man just did.  I am not sure why they do it, and I’m sure they’re not expecting me to hand them their photo next time we meet.  Just curious, but I’m thankful nevertheless.

It’s almost Christmas time again, and with that is opportunity to make money from fixing Christmas lights. I think I got in too close to the subject that I got only half a face of the other person beside me. Perhaps I need a wider lens. My 24mm should be here by Christmas, but it’s definitely not wide enough to my liking; only lighter.

This photo belongs with my previous set, but he was hiding behind the car that I didn’t see him right away.  This one almost got away.


9 thoughts on “shooting strangers again

  1. thank you Beth, I thought there was something wrong with my computer, I’m glad it was not only myself who noticed it: :)) I can breathe a sigh of relief now..

    • Thank you, Beth. I’ve grown up in this small city, so I am quite familiar with what’s going on around. If something is new, I take time to strike up a conversation.

      As for the little falling white flakes on this page, well, at first I thought they were dandruff. There’s a very very slim chance of dandruff for me considering my hair style. This is snow, courtesy of WordPress.

  2. You really cracked me up and had a hearty laugh. Excellent takes once again. I agree with Valerie, I love the one, that “almost got away.”:))) Can’t wait for the real entry.

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