Football madness!

This Sunday I am taking a break from my usual photo expedition. I was looking forward to shooting a triathlon but without any news about the competition, I decided to watch my son’s football (soccer) tournament. It’s really been a long time since I’ve last used my telephoto lens, and this is one of the rare occasions I get to let it have some sunshine. There were still a lot of occasions wherein I wished I had my wide angle lens attached, but I don’t think I’d escape the referee’s attention if I get into the face of the players.

we do have a shortage of numbers… and names, too!

I hope there aren’t 7 Ronaldos in his team.

Unknown to many, football is a mixed martial arts sport:

there is Tae Kwon Do

and wrestling

and even kung fu!

Kick-off! The players and the crowd grow silent in deep prayer for their team to score a goal. Prayers tend to be very earnest. Can this be considered as substitute for Sunday mass?

in sports, one person’s answered prayer is another’s prayer denied. The deciding factor is the amount of time dedicated to practice.

Getting a taste of grass… it’s the same on the other side of the fence – unfit for human consumption.

Letting one slip by is unacceptable…

and unforgivable.

“the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”

at the end of the day, everybody goes home as friends. That’s what sports is all about.


12 thoughts on “Football madness!

    • thank you, Beth. Football is gaining recognition here in the Philippines. The Philippine team, Azkals, is doing well here in Southeast Asia both in promoting the sport and putting the Philippines on the map. Now we have a sport that does not require height which basketball imposes. I still have to see games played on the big field, though, with a full number of players.

      What does rural Brazil look like? Are there any similarities with our rural areas?

  1. Very entertaining, been laughing hysterically, Thank you. Once again a brilliant and excellent set. You will never know how you and your art work has an effect on people’s live. I am telling you it is profound. A good break and drives some blues away:)))

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