Meeting Ms Leila

“I hope one day to meet you and allow you to take pictures of me that shows my life story embedded on my face and hands.  I am 64 years old and proud of it.”

I found myself driving to Carigara one fine Sunday afternoon of October 2, 2011 to finally meet this wonderful lady who volunteered to have her pictures taken.  We have never met before, but have come to know one another through this blog.

The purpose of her trip back to her hometown is one that brings great sadness if the story were to be told.  Not today.  This day is about friendship.

How can 64 years be summed up in one day? and through photographs?

Thank you for the friendship and trust, Ms Leila.


9 thoughts on “Meeting Ms Leila

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  2. Mana Lei is a super dapper woman with a ready smile!

    Her hands? wow..!

    Steadying hands will guide the tentative steps of little feet;
    Loving hands will prepare nutritious foods to eat;
    Healing hands will tend each bruised elbow and knee;
    Happy hands will high-five when sharing moments of glee!
    Guiding hands will help to avoid life’s treacherous shoals;
    Teaching hands will assist to ever strive for noble goals;
    Praying hands will keep the focus on worthy things above;
    Molding hands will develop character, integrity and love.
    ….Mother’s hands by Robert L. Hinshaw

    Thanks Orly for sharing, I am now a fan of yours.

  3. thank you all for the nice words and encouragement. I had a very wonderful time doing this knowing that this is for a very special friend whom I have never met before, but I feel like I have already known her for a lifetime. Thank you, Auntie Leila, and thanks to everyone for all the support. A toast to the friendship that binds us all!

  4. Awesome! Nice piece of art, you have such a great talent.stay blessed and humble in the hands of the Lord.
    God is good.

  5. No words can describe how I feel seeing this finished product. This is wonderful beyond words. I thank you with all my heart. This touches the core of my heart. With much love–Ms. Leila

  6. Thank you Orly. You made me cry in a very nice way. Cries of joy and sadness, seeing our family picture she is holding. Mana Leila was really excited to do this project with you. I am glad this had happened. Thank you so much again.

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