another jeepney ride

I’ve started taking jeepney rides again whenever I’m in Metro Manila.  They’re everywhere and it’s easy to get to where you want to go without having to worry about parking space, traffic enforcers and flood.  Hop on and hop off anytime and anywhere, even in the middle of the street.

it’s no fun being the driver…. they have to bear with the heat, the dust and the horrible traffic.  Wait! They are the major cause of traffic jams!

Windshield needs cleaning.  On the next stop, hopefully there’ll be children with soap and squeegee to scrape the grime off the glass, and maybe off the passengers’ faces too.

Children at the back of the car cause accidents, or so they say.  Well, today there are only adults at the back.. and there’s no chance of them causing children at this time of day, and definitely not in a jeepney!

No jeepney is road worthy without the blings hanging from the rearview mirror.

all photos shot with an Olympus T10

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