farmer’s market

At the end of the jeepney ride is a short walk to Farmer’s Market in Cubao.  Sure, all the markets look the same, and even the people look the same.  They might even be the same people we see everyday.  Who knows?

Crabs.  They can’t do anything about crab mentality, they’re crabs after all.  On the other hand, people don’t have any excuse to think and act like crabs.

Habits.  It is perfectly alright to blame the seamstress for a bad habit, but not alright for anyone to have one.

Stabbing people in the back is despicable.  Even butchers trust one another with their backs turned towards a meat cleaver.

Looks can’t kill, but not looking can.

At the end of the day, count your blessings, and your fingers too.


One thought on “farmer’s market

  1. hilarious!! perfection !! Impressive!! You are such an excellent story teller. I can sense the joy in all the frames. Life is just a simple way of living. There are so much lessons to be learned. thank you once again.

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