going nowhere

More often than not, I find myself walking around without any particular destination or direction.

One of these days I’ll have to take a ride in one of these jeepneys. It should be interesting to take photos of passengers while on the road, if they won’t mind.

Sidewalk vendors are a common sight. They sell just about anything, but it’s still an honest living.


3 thoughts on “going nowhere

  1. I’m just curious, will you or do you like color pictures? Sometimes, I like B&W but other times it’s too dismal

    • I am partially color blind and have a hard time distinguishing green and red tints. Although that is not much of a problem lately as I don’t do much post processing anymore, the background is very often too colorful that it competes with the main subject for attention.

      I will do color, but that will depend on the location and theme.



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