the day everybody stood still

Today will be an exemption. This post will be in color, as the politics will always put color to anything and everything.

*note: These are photos taken as they happened, and as how I saw them.


5 thoughts on “the day everybody stood still

  1. I was also a participant of probably the earliest Sangyaw. It was more about our Philippine history – from the early Spanish time up to the 70’s and 80’s. I played the role of an American GI, and also that of a construction worker building the San Juanico bridge. The Sangyaw we have today is a far cry from what it originally was.

    As for this incident, it was caused by politics. Both parties have their faults, and the sad fact is that the Taclobanons and the people who have come from faraway places to watch this street parade were disappointed. This will have a big impact on the local tourism in the coming years.

  2. it was my first time being a part of the Pintados-Kasadyaan parade not as a bystander but as a part of the parade and it saddens me that this has to happen. May the both sides learn a lesson or two from this event and hope it may never happen again! have pity to those who were greatly affected.

  3. i once join the Pintados during elementary days, i know exactly the feelings of excitement being there in the streets, to parade, to perform, to be watched by relatives, friends, despite the sweats and the too much heat of the Sun.

    it is hurting, seeing these children here looking tired and frustrated, its as if their once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the festival was grabbed.

    And the memories will remain vivid.

  4. thank you, nicely done. I feel for the performers , the kids and the devoted people who worked hard to put all these together. May there be a lesson to be learned from all these.

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