What happened on Independence Day?

I’ve always wanted to shoot this scene, preferably mid-afternoon when the occupants are already talking about the events of the day. The shop is an interesting picture of texture and contrast, and adding to that are the people who work in it. Conversations will surely be interesting, as well as the interaction frozen in a frame. The trouble is, the afternoon sun puts this scene in the shade. So I tried coming in the morning but they weren’t ready yet. I’ll have to come back another day, at a later time.

Born in 1932 and still full of hopes and dreams. No man should ever be denied his pursuit of happiness or the lottery jackpot.

Still too early for customers, and even too early for the barber.

I have a very few street portraits of women, young ladies in particular. I seem to have too many hang-ups about it and am probably too self conscious about how the subjects will react, and how I will react. There’s no other way to find out but to do it.

Our armed forces, keeper of the peace. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country. That is patriotism.

A trip to the barber shop. No, I don’t need a shave. You do.

All photos taken on Sunday, morning of June 12, 2011. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Happy 113th Independence Day, Philippines!


2 thoughts on “What happened on Independence Day?

  1. whew, just breathe , was holding it while watching all these. Once again, beautiful !! nice story. I wish I am gifted with the proper adjectives to describe your work, I feel I am giving you and your work injustice. All these touches my heart.

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