P. Zamora Street

Photographer’s Log:
July 11 was a slow day for street photography. I was only able to shoot a total of 10 photos. Despite walking along a very densely populated neighborhood at Magallanes St and then back towards the busy downtown street of P. Zamora, there just wasn’t anything that caught my eye, except for the vendor selling Philippine flags for the upcoming Independence Day on June 12. I shot 3 photos of him at that too. The second photo above was on the way home, and the last of the set. The walk took me an hour and a half. Maybe I was looking for something specific that day, something to give meaning to the thoughts that bothered me that morning.

Note: photo #2 shows how people look or stare at me. I do get a lot of those. Getting people to smile isn’t difficult. It’s catching them being themselves that is.


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