the waiting line

I’ve never been a fan of shooting group photos. In fact, I avoid taking group shots as much as possible. I prefer not to bring my camera to any social function so that I can’t be coerced into taking everybody’s photo. The truth is, I don’t like counting 1..2..3. I am clumsy with the camera flash too and by the time I’m done setting up for the shot, everybody’s smile is stuck on their faces and have nothing to do with the rest of their facial expressions.
I prefer street photography because….

on the streets, it’s either I get the shot or I don’t. I cannot ask strangers to laugh the way they did a moment ago;

I get stared in askance and at the same time ignored;

some people look away and pretend they don’t see me;

while others will look expectantly;

and still others will demand their exposure.

There are no expectations from shooting on the streets.    There is no need to count 1..2..3.  With a smile and a nod, I go my way.


9 thoughts on “the waiting line

  1. I’ve been doing a study of Escolta for years now and I’ve spent a lot of time just observing people and their activities along the street. Finding your site and these photos made me smile. I remembered the first time I did a pedestrian count in front of the old Syvel’s and wondered what the line was for. Eventually, after hours standing on the sidewalk with my clicker, several curious bystanders approached me wanting to know what I was doing. I gladly exchanged information, so during our chat I also found out what all the queuing was all about. 🙂 Most of them have traveled far to get there early for the free therapy sessions.
    Thanks for sharing these. You have beautiful photos!

  2. thank you everyone. I was about the discard these photos for lack of a good story, but thankfully found inspiration through the blog of Thomas Overfield at He made a comment to one of my older posts which led me to his site. The inspiration came from his style of writing. Thank you, Thomas.

  3. these set is so entertaining. you are such a good story teller thru your pics.A short story has just been told, and I got it.Thank you.

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