Local Tech and Refreshments

I came across a very interesting person today. Enan Halili is the name (person on the right, with soldering gun). He runs an electronic/electrical repair shop along T. Claudio St.
“Interesting camera you’ve got there” he says. “How many megapixels?”
I was impressed. This guy knows about cameras.
“12” I say.
No small talk about the weather today; what followed was a discussion on film cameras, giant LCD/LED billboards and other geek stuff.
“So, how long have you been here?” I ask.
“Since I was in my teens.”
“I’ve noticed there isn’t any signboard on your shop, yet people know where to find you.”
“There was no signboard ever since. Oh, a few people did have difficulty finding this place. They were expecting a repair shop and not a small workbench. I always thought I didn’t need a signboard, but that’s just my ego speaking.” he said with a chuckle.

Enan’s expertise is in the modification of motorcycle headlights. Factory installed headlights usually aren’t powerful enough especially when the battery goes dead so he modifies the circuitry. During his spare time, he watches Discovery Channel or National Geographic, hence his knowledge about technology and stuff.  Well, time to go.  I am on driver duty this Sunday morning.

Enan's assistant/partner

Second stop, Cherry Refreshment Parlor at P. Zamora Street near the corner of Salazar Street. This is probably the oldest and the only surviving refreshment parlor from the 60’s. When I asked the owner how old the chairs and tables are, she told me they’re older than me. I have no doubts about it. These are probably still the same tables and chairs since they opened shop.
For native delicacies, this is the place to go. It is a one-stop shop for Binagol, Moron, Suman-Latik, Ibus, Roscas, and other local goodies. Visitors coming to Tacloban for the first time should try some of these delicacies. Leyte isn’t only famous for its landmarks.

Final stop for the day – the sidewalks of P. Gomez Street for some dried squid (pusit) and dried fish (danggit). I can’t help but notice the vendor selling ladies accessories was keeping an eye on me.


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