Sunday Morning




Sunday morning found me walking alone at Sabang District in Tacloban City.  This is a very densely populated area along the highway, with houses on the side of the road and nary a sidewalk for pedestrians to walk on. My mom will probably not allow me to walk this road, but it’s really hard not to because this stretch of road is very much alive during afternoons with children playing on the street while the adults tend to their own matters.  I will come back some other day, preferably in the afternoon as this morning’s walk did find me a quiet street save for a father of 2 kids fixing the training wheels on their bike. The second photo was taken at the new bus terminal that was half empty, or half full, depending on whom you are talking to.  The last photo was taken on the sidewalk near my place, and I couldn’t even walk closer to the old lady for she left her seat and crossed the street a few seconds later.


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