16 or 18?

I missed the afternoon walk today, and the sun didn’t come out to play.  Poetic, isn’t it?

Well, a missed afternoon wasn’t enough to crush my resolve to have a walk, and so here I was at Rizal Avenue at 8:30 in the evening looking at two ladies selling duck eggs or BALUT for a living.  One of the ladies pulled up a chair and invited me to sit while she told me part of her life’s story.  She has been selling balut for about 25 years and we talked about how the city has changed a lot since then.  The conversation was very interesting that I completely lost track of time and ended up spending about an hour on the sidewalk sitting beside both of these ladies while they went on with their business.

So, what’s with the title?  The choice is either 16 or 18-day old balut.


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