a finished ring gets a smooth polish

stone setting on a cross pendant

shaping a piece of silver by hand

a crescent-shaped pendant

a skilled jewelry craftsman melts small pieces of gold to make a new piece of jewelry

Boy Solomon, goldsmith, entrepreneur

Walking around the city after dark looking for something to shoot presents its own challenge. It is easy to get attracted to the light as that is the only thing that would matter when everything else is lost in the shadows. Tonight, it was a different light that caught my eye – the glitter of gold!

I stood by the doorway of the shop for a while. The owner came forward, looked at me questioningly while eyeing the camera hanging from my shoulder, and then proceeded to go about his business on his desk by the doorway. He looked at me again in askance of my intent and I decided that I should not keep him guessing my intention so I raised my camera to him and suddenly he smiled and asked me to come inside the shop. I was given a short introduction to the work they were doing, and all the while the craftsmen continued on with their work, not minding my presence except for an occasional glance probably just to make sure I don’t set myself on fire from one of the many torches inside the shop. I spent the next ten minutes chatting with Boy Solomon, the shop owner. He is a goldsmith who also creates designs for clients both local and abroad.

IS Meycauayan Goldsmith is located at P. Gomez Street, between Salazar and Del Pilar Streets.


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