A Dissertation upon Roast Pig

it's been weighed, and measured, yet still found wanting

take it or leave it!

stall owner for over 12 years

Finally, after many days of rain, we had sunshine for the whole day.  I have been wanting to shoot this scene for quite some time now and after the photo walk in Cebu, I did have enough confidence in shooting people up close.

Today was a trip to the place where “Lechon” or roasted pig is sold per pound (or kilo, as is the standard measure used) along the highway at Sagkahan District in Tacloban City.  This area has been home to numerous lechon stalls since I can remember.  It was always a family day at the beach every Sunday during my childhood days and this is where we would stop and buy lechon to take to the beach for lunch.  The crispy skin is always the best piece if done right, and even with the high cholesterol content, it is quite irresistible.  Never mind what the doctor said about the high blood pressure; there is medication for it anyway.  And, the Filipino doctors will surely understand the indulgence every once in a while.

Lechon currently sells at P320 per kilogram, except for the head and feet which are sold at P180 per kilogram.  Saturdays and Sundays are usually the better days, while weekdays are slow.  An average of 2 pigs a day on weekdays makes up for a decent income to cover for the rent and the butcher.  Leftovers are sold to nearby eateries to be cooked into “lechon paksiw”, which is also a great local dish.

Roasted pig reminds me of Charles Lamb’s essay “A Dissertation upon Roast Pig” from my English Literature subject in high school.  Vivid images of burning huts and pigs come to mind, and insurance offices closing shop.  Well, so much for that, and thankfully nobody has been burning houses for roasted pig anymore.


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