an early morning scene in one of the busy streets of Cebu City

a newspaper vendor makes a sale

a vendor gets his share of the day's paper to sell

an old man earns a living driving a horse-drawn coach or "kalesa"

a dog gets the front seat on a motorbike at the market

going home from church with balloon in hand

poor puppy

a kid watches over his chicks while they feed on the sidewalk

the kid's uncle

making candle wicks from strings

strings are looped by hand, at P150 per 1,000 strings, and only during weekends

The sun has finally showed up this morning, shining its warm rays upon the lovely city of Cebu.  With the help of my friend Jon who set up this photowalk with some of his friends, we went around the busy city streets heading towards the Basilica de Santo Niño.  It was indeed a very fine morning to go out taking photos and making new friends.

(There were a lot of photos taken during this 3-hour walk. They will be published across a few blog posts)


3 thoughts on “Sugbu!

  1. nice set..brings back memories of my Cebu days..Two decades ago,i’m in one street here every other day to buy rainbow fishes for my boss arowana fish 🙂

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