another rainy day in 2011

a woman helps a child with her umbrella

a child musing over water going down the drain

sharing an umbrella on a rainy day

crossing paths

a man tries his luck at the lottery

It is another rainy Sunday today.  Streets are still half empty and weather is a chilly 25 degrees;  too cold and damp to be out on the streets especially if there’s still food left from the new year’s party.  I guess I’m just crazy enough to get my feet wet again while my shoes are barely dry from yesterday’s foray.

With 2 days of rain, streets are getting flooded and half naked children run out to play on the flood waters until their mothers call them back in the house before they catch colds and fever.  This is not a good time to get sick as school starts tomorrow.  Vacation is over for the school kids and I can already hear some of them complaining about the short holiday break.  For us who have long graduated from school, it’s back to work.


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